January 18, 2011

Nov 16 - Testing Of Faith by DR Mallery Callahan

    The testing of faith produces patience which is the hallmark of the mature believer. We must adopt the four consummate virtues of Christian living: justive, mercy, humility and faithfulness. Remember only God can judge his people. Faith is simpler than it seems.
    Trust that :
(a) God is Good!
(b) He is  a place of safety for us when we are in trouble.
(c) He is faithful to care for those who trust Him to do so.
    Guard against bitte4rness in your own heart and among God’s people. Remember the battle is the Lord’s. Trust your battles to Him, and rest in His victory. He will fight your battles.
    believe that God is able to supply all the needs, even when you have no idea how.
            Trusting Him always,
            Pastor Callahan

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