October 16, 2010

'It's Working For My Good' by Minister Frankie L. Crosby

Romans 8:28-31
    To God be the glory and to my pastor, Dr. Mallery Callahan, Pastor, Sweet Rest MB Church, Franklinton,La; Pray for me as i hope this devotional touches someone, somewhere, no matter where you are in your walk w/Christ.

    Here in these few passages of scripture, the Apostle Paul lets us know: 1. we have been called. 2.we have been justified. and 3. we have been glorified. we have been made right with God by faith (Roms.5:1) No matter what you are going thru today, you have and can have peace w/God! The kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. The word "called" means: you are set apart, invited, are called to be a child of God! Jer. 1:5 says: " before i formed you in your mother's womb, i knew you...." Jesus knew you and He knew me before we were even born......that's something to shout about!!!! He loves you and cares for you. Is. 54:17 says: " No weapon that is formed against us will prosper"!! No matter what the devil, life, or the enemy throws our way, God is there! God is on our side.....God will fight all your battles!!! "the battle is the Lord's"! You can rest assured that "it's working for my good".  God will not leave you or forsake you(heb. 13.5,Gen. 28:15). When life throws u a curve ball, what do u do?  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind."If God be for you-who can be against you?! God tells Joshua in Jos. 1:5: " as i was with Moses, so shall i be with you".....Jesus will always be with us....."Greater is He that is in Him, than He that is in the world"....we are more than conquerors with Jesus on our side. God is working to make things work out for our "GOOD'....sickness, heartache, set-backs, disappointments.....they all work out for our '''''good""......It can only work out if you love God/are called by Him....Have you answered the "call"? Please take a few minutes and ask the Lord into your life and your heart.....He's a just God....He's a faithful God...and, He's waiting on you!!! won't you come-----COME TO JESUS TODAY, JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I!!! God bless you and your family!!!!

ASSOC., Sweet Rest MB Church
Franklinton, LA

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