October 9, 2010

How Much Do You Trust Him? By Dr. Mallery Callahan

    We trust tires on our cars not to blow out when we speed 70 miles per hour. We trust the cables on the elevator to hold when they take us to the 40th floor. We trust the chairs we sit in to hold us up, Do we trust God. as much as we do the things around us ?

    Most of us don't trust God as much as we trust a ballpoint pen. But God is faithful with us. No matter how bad things look, we need to trust God that He is in control, carrying out His plan for us. We, like David, need to learn to trust God all the way. Believe on Jesus Christ with complete Confidence. Believe, knowing that He will honor His Word. We must be totally persuaded that Jesus is Lord of ALL.

Dr. Mallery Callahan
Pastor, Sweet Rest M.B.C.
Franklinton, La.

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