September 1, 2010

SEPT. 1, ‘10 - Our Heavenly Father by Joyce Mizell

God is all wise when dealing with grumbling people.  It’s no wonder the parable Jesus gave of the Prodigal Son in Luke Chapter 15 is referred to as the gospel within the gospel and the crown and pearl of all the parables.
Jesus in response to the griping and grumbling of the scribes and Pharisees structured this parable around the Jewish custom.  This parable covers all facets!
1-The younger son whom Jesus received (the prodigal’s sin, misery and repentance.) 
2-The Father’s happiness at the return of the prodigal son (God’s welcome home to the repentant sinner.) 
3-The bitterness of the older brother ((the spiritual poverty of the scribes and Pharisees.)
If we take the time to study this parable once again we learn so much!  It seems both sons may have been prodigals in their own way.
I see Our Heavenly Father as the IMPORTANT ONE!
A sub-heading for my article would be WE HAVE HOPE.  Regardless if we are a noticeable Prodigal Son or think we are a Goody two shoe, we have hope
Trusting our heavenly Father.  Another reminder, Jesus was accused of sitting with sinners.  Of course he did, he came to earth and gave his life for SINNERS.

I’m sure most every one knows the parable of the Prodigal Son.  The younger son got his inheritance, left home and wasted all he had.   He lived high until he had to slop hogs for a bite to eat.  Be sure and pay attention to the scripture which states that both sons got their inheritance.  Luke 15:12-And the younger of them said to his father, Father give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.  And he divided unto THEM his living.  This is a picture of our perfect Heavenly Father. The scripture in Deut 21:17 said the older son would receive a double portion. This makes me wonder why the older son was in such a tizzy when the Prodigal came home.  No need to wonder the answer is in God’s Word. No matter how right we try to live I wonder how many times we “drop the ball” so to speak.
Oh yes, this parable is a daily lesson for each and everyone.  We can be absolutely certain no matter if we slop the pigs and eat husk because of our own choices that God is waiting for us to repent and come home.  We have hope trusting in Jesus Christ.  The Prodigal received the Royal Robe from the Father and so can we.
Etch this parable in memory and remember to repent and come home to the Heavenly Father.  Don’t let pride, bitterness or any thing else stand in the way of heaven.  After reviewing this passage of the Bible I’m inclined to think the older son had some repenting of his own.  He seemed to be self righteous.
Remember how he reminded the father what all he had done.  Take my word for it; God doesn’t need any reminding about how wonderful we are.  He keeps perfect, righteous records.
Luke 15:24 For this my Son was dead and is alive again, he was lost, and is found, and they began to make merry
WE HAVE HOPE IN OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.  Make your way home to him he’s waiting to show mercy grace and repentance to everyone.

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