September 1, 2010

SEPT. 1, ‘10 - My Own Rose Garden by Joyce Mizell

My rose garden is special; I cherish it in my mind
All the roses in it are filled with roses and a unique kind
My life has been filled with roses since I was born
The lovely roses I have enjoyed didn’t have thorns

The roses filled my pathway from many years ago
My life has been better because of the roses I know
A rose could be over looked stumbling on our way
People touching my life have been roses of the day

A life touched by another is like the petal of a rose
Soft and gentle only a friend could feel and know
When the sun didn’t shine to brighten up my sky
A rose came from nowhere bringing joy for a while

My life has been touched by the roses of many kind
I’ve gathered roses for my bouquet time after time
I remember the family and friends who mean so much
Each one is a special rose: I’m glad our lives touched

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