July 31, 2010

Aug. 1 '10 - A Peek Into Heaven by Joyce Mizell

Today I thought I will take a peak inside heaven’s door
I saw my final resting place when life here will be over

Heaven is a beautiful place it’s not a fantasy or a dream
It’s our home in the sky and Jesus Christ will be King

With natural eyes what I was seeing was not complete
With spiritual eyes my sweet Jesus was the one to meet

With love in his voice so gently he said child come to me
Heaven’s Door flung open and there was so much to see

There was my family and they were happy as could be
I wanted to rush and hug them but they couldn’t see me

They had no sorrow, tears and they had no more pains
Wonderful peace and sweet hallelujahs they proclaimed

Jesus said Heaven a sinner won’t see unless they follow me
I Am The Way Heaven will be home for those I set free

In a kind voice he said earthly hardships I already know
Long ago when I came to earth I traveled that hard road

I know families struggle for their homes, food and for rent
Remember in Heaven are mansions that won’t cost a cent

I thought this-Heaven will be our home on that distant shore
And one day it will be my final resting place for ever more

Joyce Mizell
Written in 1990

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  1. How this brings joy into my heart.
    Lynn Goranson